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Surveys and publications

In this section of the Myeloma Access Atlas, you will find the results of recent surveys and research MPE has conducted on access.

To understand the access situation within European countries, MPE has regular and open dialogue with a wide range of stakeholders including national members, advocates, patients and carers. As part of this dialogue, MPE regularly conducts surveys and other types of research to understand perceptions on access.

Survey data and research helps us to understand national patient and carer experience of diagnosis, treatment and care and how access issues are impacting on this. In addition, by conducting surveys in multiple European countries, it allows us to compare perspectives and interventions across Europe. MPE members can also explore and use the data in this section to see how their country compares to others.

The information MPE generates from these access surveys and research also feeds into the MPE European policy and public affairs work and the work we do with the pharmaceutical industry, particularly the Myeloma Community Advisory Board (Myeloma-CAB).

Navigate this section by using the left-hand menu. You can see the results of a 2018 access survey conducted with MPE members and myeloma doctors across Europe. In addition, the results of a patient preference study can be found which MPE conducted in collaboration with Amgen to better understand myeloma patient information needs and preferences.