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How to use this atlas


MPE has gathered information on the access status of myeloma medicines or combination medicines, which hold a European Medicines Agency (EMA) licence, across geographical Europe. In this section of the Atlas, you can navigate the tools by selecting Medicines access portal in the left-hand menu to see the access status by medicine or by country. Once you access the Medicines access portal you can:


Select by medicine

Select a myeloma medicine or medicine combination in the menu, and you will see its access heatmap across Europe expressed through different colours (explained in the key).


Select by country

Select a country or countries in the menu. This will generate an overview of access status of all EMA licensed myeloma drugs within those countries expressed through different colours (explained in the key).


Important note

  • This data is only correct from a certain time point. MPE works in collaboration with manufacturers, patient organisations and haematologists across Europe to update the data on an ongoing basis, but there may be a time-lag or inaccuracies.
  • The data represents publicly available national access status, so there may be more local variations in access.
  • Please tell MPE if you think the access situation is different in your country or region, by emailing